New Law for Refugees in Mexico

27 01 2011

New Refugees and Supplementary Protection Law

President Felipe Calderon signed into law Mexico’s Ley Sobre Refugiados y Protección Complementaria (Refugees and Supplementary Protection Law). The new law was published today on the Diario Oficial de la Federación and enters into force tomorrow.

Relevant features of new law include:

  • Refugee status in accordance to international treaties for those who claim being persecuted for his race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinions.
  • Supplementary protection for foreigners that do not qualify as refugees but risk torture or cruel or inhumane treatment if returned to their country of origin.
  • No administrative sanction or consequence for irregular entry for refugees and foreigners with supplementary protection.
  • Immigration proceedings will be continued if there is a claim of refugee or supplementary protection status.
  • Both refugees and foreigners with supplementary protection acquire permanent residency to Mexico upon recognition of status.

Mexico has a long standing tradition as a destination for refugees. Two historical examples are Civil War Refugees from Spain in the 1930s and 40s, Chileans after the 1973′s coup d’état and Guatemalans refugees from their own Civil War in the 1980s. This law continues it.



3 responses

28 01 2011
Ignacio Pinto Avelar

Otro ejemplo, los refugiados chilenos que recibió y protegió el Presidente Echeverría, cuando Salvador Allende fue derrocado en 1973.

28 01 2011
Ignacio Pinto-Leon

Yes, Mr. Pinto-Avelar: Mexico also received refugees from Chile after 1973’s coup d’état.

21 03 2011
The JurisMex Blog

[…] that effort, President Calderón enacted a Law for Refugees last January, and the INM has a new Manual since last year that better approaches immigration to […]

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