Author: IPL

I am Ignacio Pinto-Leon, a tall Mexican living and working  in Houston, TX.

As an attorney licensed to practice law in Mexico and in New York, I have a passion for explaining the particularities of the Mexican legal system to my American counterparts.

My firm, JurisMex Corp., offers advice in Mexican law within the U.S. This blog is the latest effort to share that passion.

My profile and publications are available at JurisMex’s webpage.

I enjoy life in company of my lovely wife Clemencia and my super kids, 5 y/o son Iñaki, and 1.5 y/o son Santiago. I must admit: life is good and God is great. Love being Mexican, love being a lawyer, love being a husband and absolutely love being a father. Too much love for an attorney? Not at all.

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