My mini-article on Working with Foreign Counsel at GP Solo Magazine

4 09 2010
See the article: Working with Foreign Counsel — GP Solo Magazine

Working with Foreign Counsel can be rewarding - and challenging.

The online version of the GP Solo Magazine for September 2010 is out. I wrote a short piece on the GP Mentor column on how to choose and work with foreign counsel. The steps are:

  1. Looking for Mr./Mrs. Right: locating a good lawyer in another country. Last resource is the not-always-reliable-friend Google.
  2. How involved would you be? Are you just the finder, liaison or co-counsel?
  3. Communication is the key: how will you exchange info w/foreign lawyer? In which language?
  4. As The Beatles used to say, I should have known better. Define expectations and conditions. Nothing is taken for granted.
  5. Look me in the eye (via SKYPE). Have client -or yourself- make direct contact w/prospect before retaining and sending monies.

Gracias, ABA GPSSF Division. Thanks, editorial board of GP Solo.




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